Local Brownie Troops take Field Trip to Rince Nua

On Saturday May 13th, Girl Scouts 1st year Brownie Troops from Maple Grove participated in an Irish Dancing Field Trip at Rince Nua which helped them to earn their Girl Scouts Brownie Dancer Badges.

The one-hour field trip class was taught by Rince Nua Owner and Director, Erin Cooney, and organized by the the Troops’ leaders.

Participants learned about standing with poise and confidence, as well as the basic foot positioning and technique for Irish dance. They also learned to dance with a partner as part of a “two-hand” dance, as well as how to dance the “thread the needle” as a team, and how to finish an Irish dance routine with a controlled bow. ┬áThe highlight for the girls was watching some of the advanced Rince Nua dancers perform for them toward the end of their class.

Rince Nua is available to host additional local Brownie Troops. If you are a Troop leader who is interested in a booking a Field Trip to Rince Nua, you can contact Erin at Rince Nua by calling 763-390-4989.