History of Rince Nua at the CRN World Irish Dance Championships

8 Years of Traveling to Ireland to Irish Dance on the Worlds Stage… 

  • 2012 – Wexford, Ireland
    • Soloists:
      • U15 Alyssah O’Neill
  • 2013 – Wexford, Ireland
    • Soloists:
      • U13 Lauren Leaseburg
      • U16 Alyssah O’Neill (4th place)
      • U16 Allie Hartlein
      • O23 Krissy Wills (9th place)
    • Teams:
      • Freestyle Team (3rd place)
  • 2014 – Castlebar, Ireland
    • Soloists:
      • U13 Kiana Erickson
      • U13 Clara McMillan
      • U14 Irelandrose Langer (10th place, tie)
      • U15 Lauren Adams-Plehal
      • U15 Ellie Kinney
      • U15 Dulcie Searle
      • U17 Allie Hartlein (10th place)
      • U17 Alyssah O’Neill (5th place)
      • U18 Margaret Schmitz
    • Teams:
      • Freestyle Team (5th place)
      • Ceili Team
      • Figure Team (3rd Place)
      • Rince Ceol Team
  • 2015 – Castlebar, Ireland
    • Soloists:
      • U14 Ava Licht
      • U15 Irelandrose Langer
      • U16 Ellie Kinney
      • U16 Dulcie Searle
      • U18 Alyssah O’Neill (9th place)
    • Teams:
      • Rince Ceol Team (World Champions)
  • 2016 – Castlebar, Ireland
    • Soloists:
      • U12 Genevieve Simpson (10th place)
      • U14 Elizabeth Simpson (10th place)
      • U15 Nicole Sinnen
      • U16 Irelandrose Langer (10th place)
    • Teams:
      • Freestyle (6th place)
  • 2017 – Killarney, Ireland
    • Soloists:
      • U13 Genevieve Simpson (17th place)
      • U15 Elizabeth Simpson
      • U17 Irelandrose Langer (11th place)
  • 2018 – Killarney, Ireland
    • Soloists:
      • U14 Genevieve Simpson (4th place)
      • U15 Ruby Miller
      • U16 Elizabeth Simpson (7th place)
      • U16 Taylor Johnsrud
  • 2019 – Killarney, Ireland
    • Soloists:
      • U18 Nicole Sinnen
      • O23 Kori McKibben
  • 2020 – Killarney, Ireland [Cancelled]

Our Two 2020 World Qualifiers

& Our NEWEST World Qualifier (for 2021)


Rince Nua Dancers Compete at International Event

9 Rince Nua Dancers traveled all the way to Winnipeg in Manitoba, Canada to compete at the 2019 Canada Feile on Saturday, May 25th. This is Rince Nua’s fourth year participating in this event.



Reel U10- 12 competitors

Lydia- 1st (***Moved Up***)

Audrey- 3rd

Reel U14- 27 competitors

Zoe- 2nd

Slip U10- 10 competitors

Lydia- 2nd

Audrey- 3rd

Slip U14- 26 competitors

Zoe- 2nd

Single U14- 27 competitors

Zoe- 2nd

Light U10- 12 competitors

Lydia- 1st (***Moved Up***)

Audrey- 3rd

Light U14- 25 competitors

Zoe- 3rd


Reel U10- 8 competitors

Lydia- 2nd

Slip U10- 6 competitors

Margot- 2nd

Morgan- 3rd

Lydia- 4th

Single U10- 3 competitors

Morgan- 1st (***Moved Up***)

Heavy U10- 6 competitors

Morgan- 1st (***Moved Up***)

Margot- 4th

Hornpipe U10- 10 competitors

Morgan- 1st (***Moved Up***)

Lydia- 2nd

Margot- 4th


Reel U11- 9 competitors

Morgan- 2nd

Single U13- 3 competitors

Lillian- 1st (***Moved Up***)

Heavy U11- 6 competitors

Emaliah- 1st (***Moved Up***)

Hornpipe U11- 2 competitors

Emaliah- 1st

Hornpipe U13- 3 competitors

Lillian- 1st (***Moved Up***)


Reel U13- 7 competitors

Lillian- 2nd

Reel U15- 6 competitors

Elin- 2nd

Julia- 2nd

Slip U13- 5 competitors

Lillian- 1st

Emaliah- 3rd

Slip U15- 6 competitors

Julia- 2nd

Heavy U13- 5 competitors

Lillian- 2nd

Heavy U15- 6 competitors

Elin- 1st

Julia- 3rd

Hornpipe U15- 6 competitors

Julia- 1st

Elin- 2nd


Reel and Contemporary Set Dance

U13- 3 competitors

Lillian- 1st

U15- 7 competitors

Julia- 3rd

Elin- 4th

Maple Grove’s Rince Nua Irish Dance Team Awarded National Title

February 17, 2019

Rince Nua Irish Dance Studio’s Figure Team of 12 girls travelled to Nashville, Tennessee this weekend to compete at the CRN North America Irish Dance Championships.

The girls presented the figure dance titled “Swan Woman of the Boyne” a traditional Irish legend told through their contemporary choreography.

The team competed in the Under 19 age category and received first place for their performance.

Rince Nua Irish Dancers Donate Toys To Children In Need

The Rince Nua Irish Dance Staff, Families, and Dancers are making sure as many children as possible have the opportunity to unwrap a gift this Christmas. The Toys for Tots collection at Rince Nua Irish Dance in Maple Grove is in it’s third year.

This years drive collected over 100 toys under the tree at the Rince Nua Irish Dance Studio in Maple Grove.

Donations were brought to KARE 11 for their annual Toys for Tots collection in which the Rince Nua Irish Dancers presented the toys, enjoyed the hospitality of the KARE 11 News Team, and then celebrated by dancing the Irish Jig LIVE on the 5pm News.


CRN Minnesota Feile brings Irish dancers together for competition, friendship, and fun

CRN Minnesota Feile brings Irish dancers together for competition, friendship, and fun

November 3, 2018

Irish dancers from Minnesota, Illinois, and Canada gathered at the Crowne Plaza Minneapolis West on Saturday, November 3rd for a one-of-a-kind Irish Dance event for CRN and Open Platform Irish Dancers.

The event, an Irish Dance Competition called a Feile (pron. Fay-luh), was sanctioned by Cumann Rince Naisiunta, a prominent Irish Dance Organization in Ireland. The event was hosted by Rince Nua Irish Dance and supported through fundraising efforts of the Rince Nua Irish Dancers and from local businesses and families. The adjudicator for the event was Ms. Lena McGinley who flew in from Pennsylvania.

Rince Nua is hoping to make this an annual event which will give CRN and Open Platform Irish dancers an opportunity to come together as a community, make dance friends, and showcase their steps for a chance to place for a medal or trophy.

Beginner dancers learn a lot from this authentic Irish cultural experience. They are often both inspired by watching the older and more advanced dancers which leads them to recommit to their practice schedule and create new personal Irish Dance goals around improving their technical Irish dance skills.

For Rince Nua, the event allowed it’s students the opportunity to compete locally so their parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and friends could watch them compete without traveling out of state.

Thank You to the CRN Minnesota Feile Sponsors listed below:

Rince Nua welcomes any Open Platform schools who would like to attend in future years to contact us at info@rincenua.com

Rince Nua teams sweep three first place titles at Regional Championships

Rince Nua teams sweep three first place titles at the CRN North America Regional Championships in Cincinnati

October 6 & 7, 2018 Cincinnati, Ohio


  • Under 16 8-Hand Ceili Championship: First Place
  • Under 19 8-Hand Ceili Championship: First Place
  • Under 19 Figure Championship: First Place 


  • Under 10 Bun Grad Award
    • 1st: Margot W.
  • Under 13 Mean Grad Award
    • 1st: Lillian R.
  • Under 15 Ard Grad Award
    • 1st: NEW CHAMPION, Genevieve S.
  • Under 19 Ard Grad Award
    • 1st: Nicole S.


  • Under 13 Solo Championship
    • 1st: REGIONAL CHAMPION, Lola P.
  • Under 15 Solo Championship
    • 4th: Genevieve S.
    • 5th: Ayva P.
    • 6th: Julia R.
    • 7th: Annie L.
  • Under 17 Solo Championship
    • 3rd: Elizabeth S.
    • 4th: Ruby M.
    • 7th: Taylor J.
  • Under 19 Solo Championship
    • 2nd (Tie): Lindsey P.
    • 3rd: Nicole S.

Rince Nua dancers help to keep the Irish Fair of Minnesota free

Rince Nua dancers entertain local audiences and sell raffle tickets for the Irish Fair of Minnesota

The raffle tickets sales are set up to benefit both the fair and the dancers – with a portion of the proceeds that goes to keep the fair free and a portion that goes to the dancers

For five Rince Nua dancers who have Irish danced throughout their childhood, they decided to start selling tickets last May, and continued to sell them throughout the summer.  This was a great way for them to fundraise to help pay for their dancing dreams which included traveling to Ireland to compete as soloists at the CRN Irish Open and/or World Championships.

The dancers are hopeful that they may have potentially sold the winning Grand Prize ticket to someone in our local community who could win a trip to Ireland that includes airfare for two, 8 nights lodging, and a car rental compliments of Terry Flynn Tours and Anchor Full Service Travel.

The Irish Fair of Minnesota is a free event for all ages to experience and enjoy Irish music, dance and culture over a fun, three-day weekend (August 11th – 13th) on Harriet Island in Saint Paul.

You can see Rince Nua perform at the Irish Fair this coming Saturday, August 12th at 10:00am and 3:00pm in the Dance Tent.  Visit the Irish Fair website for the full entertainment schedule www.irishfair.com

Rince Nua alumna training to become a certified Irish dance teacher with Cumann Rince Náisiúnta (CRN)

After years of training, performing, and competing, Allie Hartlein, 20, will be attending her first CRN Irish dance teacher training workshop in Wichita, Kansas this weekend as she begins her journey to become a certified Irish dance teacher with CRN.

Allie started Irish dance at age 7 and became a Champion level dancer at age 15, competing at the World Championships twice and receiving medals in both team and solo competition.

Allie will be a junior at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and is currently teaching Irish dance at Twist and Shout Dance and Cheer in Mahomet, IL. Her Irish dance program is called “Scoil Rince Comhluadar” which means Community Irish Dance School. She will be offering four different class options this fall to children ages 5 and up.