CRN Minnesota Feile brings Irish dancers together for competition, friendship, and fun

November 3, 2018

Irish dancers from Minnesota, Illinois, and Canada gathered at the Crowne Plaza Minneapolis West on Saturday, November 3rd for a one-of-a-kind Irish Dance event for CRN and Open Platform Irish Dancers.

The event, an Irish Dance Competition called a Feile (pron. Fay-luh), was sanctioned by Cumann Rince Naisiunta, a prominent Irish Dance Organization in Ireland. The event was hosted by Rince Nua Irish Dance and supported through fundraising efforts of the Rince Nua Irish Dancers and from local businesses and families. The adjudicator for the event was Ms. Lena McGinley who flew in from Pennsylvania.

Rince Nua is hoping to make this an annual event which will give CRN and Open Platform Irish dancers an opportunity to come together as a community, make dance friends, and showcase their steps for a chance to place for a medal or trophy.

Beginner dancers learn a lot from this authentic Irish cultural experience. They are often both inspired by watching the older and more advanced dancers which leads them to recommit to their practice schedule and create new personal Irish Dance goals around improving their technical Irish dance skills.

For Rince Nua, the event allowed it’s students the opportunity to compete locally so their parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and friends could watch them compete without traveling out of state.

Thank You to the CRN Minnesota Feile Sponsors listed below:

Rince Nua welcomes any Open Platform schools who would like to attend in future years to contact us at

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