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About Us

Erin Cooney, ODCRN Teaching Irish Dance in Minnesota since 2002 Rince Nua (pronounced…

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Children’s Irish Dance Classes

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A dance journey that both you and your child can enjoy and be proud of

  • At Rince Nua, your child’s dance journey will be filled with encouraging instructors, positive peers, and a variety of opportunities to flourish as a solo dancer and teammate.

  • As a certified Irish dance school, Rince Nua provides your child with a world-class curriculum that emphasizes progressive skill development, and teaches the traditional step dances of Ireland.

  • Our family-focused studio provides age appropriate music, movement, and costuming.

  • Our goal is to help your child grow in poise, confidence, and athletic skill while she is creating meaningful relationships, achieving personal goals, and growing as a dancer, performer, competitor, teammate and leader within our supportive studio community.