We Teach Irish Dance to Children, ages 2-17 at our dance studio in Maple Grove.

Where you will experience…

  • A positive and fun dance experience for your child
  • A sense of community with other dance families
  • A feeling of encouragement and support from teachers and peers
  • A sense of pride that continually builds in your child

We Inspire a Love for Dance that will Last a Lifetime

We Provide a Dance Studio with Modest Dance Apparel and Age-Appropriate Music

Your child’s dance studio experience CAN indeed align with your family values. We strive to provide a quality dance education for your child without the in-appropriateness.

We Offer Children’s Classes by Age

Young children (ages 5 and under) take classes with peers of the same age. This allows them to develop classroom and social skills together as well as beginner Irish Dance skills.

We Believe in Progressive Skill Development

Elementary-aged (ages 6+) students learn skills & steps in a progressive manner so that there are no ‘gaps’ in their learning. They feel a wonderful sense of accomplishment for their hard work as they successfully ‘move up’ the levels and build confidence.Schedule a Free Trial Class Below (for children ages 6-10)

What Parents are Saying…



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