As a Parent or Legal Guardian of the minor student dancer(s) listed above, I understand that the student dancer listed on this form are taking Irish dance classes at their own risk. I accept all risk for any illness or injuries associated with any participation and waive any right to sue and waive any right to claim for damages against Erin Cooney, Rince Nua LLC and its staff and volunteers. I release, indemnify and hold harmless Erin Cooney, Rince Nua, LLC and its staff and volunteers from all claims, actions, damages, injuries and/or death occurring on or outside Rince Nua, LLC’s premises, or arising from or relating to participation in dance classes, rehearsals, performances, competitions, events, and other activities.

Rince Nua, LLC, student dancers are engaged periodically in public performances and competitions at these events there is a possibility that dancers may be photographed and/or video’s taken at these performances by family, friends, and the public. In addition, Erin Cooney, Rince Nua, LLC,its staff and volunteers are granted permission to take pictures and video of the student dancer(s) listed above at any and all classes, activities, rehearsals, performances, events, competitions, etc. Said pictures and videos may be used for by Rince Nua, LLC for the purposes of marketing and promotion, including print media, Internet and social media, and any other marketing vehicle.

I authorize Erin Cooney, Rince Nua, LLC, it’s staff and volunteers to use first aid procedures and consent to any emergency medical attention needed. I certify that I and/or my medical insurance carrier will be responsible for any and all expenses incurred in relation to any injury or illness sustained during any Rince Nua, LLC class, activity, rehearsal, performance, competition, event, etc.


Clinic Fee must be paid in full upon registration to hold your spot. No refunds will be issued for late or non-attendance. Instructor substitutions, modifications and clinic day and time changes can occur at the sole discretion of Rince Nua. We reserve the right to dismiss or refuse classes to anyone who does not comply with these policies, creates an unsafe environment, or who otherwise in our judgment disrupts the harmony or reputation of Rince Nua.