• Returning Rince Nua Families: Registration opens Wednesday, August 7th at 10am
  • New Rince Nua Families: Registration opens Thursday, August 8th at 10am

Download the Fall/Winter Children’s Irish Dance Schedule Here

How Much Do Once-a-Week Classes Cost for ages 6-10?

Registration Fee:

There is a $30 Registration Fee (per student) when enrolling in a new semester.

The online registration form will prompt you to pay the registration fee after you click submit with your contact info, child’s info, and class selection.

The Registration Fee is non-refundable and hold’s your child’s spot in class until your monthly tuition fee processes (on the 25th of the month to pay for the following month’s tuition).

Monthly Tuition:

Tuition for Once-a-Week Classes is $84 per month.

Monthly tuition covers class instruction for the weekly 30 minutes class as well as the cost for the dress rehearsal and performance.

The number of weekly classes held per month varies based on holidays and competition dates. We average 3.5 classes per month over the course of a full year (Sept-August).

Please note that there are lots of simple skills that dancers can practice at home in between classes! Short practice durations are best for beginners as the skills require a lot of energy!

Why perform in the end of semester show?

We encourage all students to perform at our end of semester show so that they can:

  • Feel a sense of accomplishment
  • Experience recognition and support from family, friends, and teachers
  • Have an opportunity to fully implement the dance and presentation skills they have learned
  • Learn to prepare and anxiously anticipate a deadline
  • Practice presenting themselves confidently on stage
  • Experience a sense of pride in showcasing their hard work


Girls who perform can order a starter costume which includes a Rince Nua t-shirt, ruffle black skirt, socks, bloomers and hair bow (approx $75) or they can purchase a pre-owned school dress (approx. $50-$150) or a custom-made/new school dress for approx. $200. *Please note that custom made dresses need to be ordered in November to receive them in time to perform.

Boys will need either need the starter costume (Rince Nua t-shirt with black pants) or the boy’s school performance costume which consists of black dress pants, a white dress shirt, and a school vest.

Please consider that alteration costs are often needed when purchasing a pre-owned dress or vest.

How long is the commitment?

A full semester of classes from beginning to end is approx. 5-7 months (depending on the semester).

Fall/Winter Semester 2019-2020 begins September 1, 2019 and runs through March 28, 2020. Spring/Summer Semester runs from March 29, 2020 through August 29, 2020.

What is the process to withdraw?

Children’s Irish Dance classes are a month-to-month commitment, so you can withdraw at any time (after successful payment of your registration fee and first month’s tuition).

You just need to fill out our online Withdrawal Form by the 15th of the last month your child is attending to assure we can stop billing your card on file for the following month.

After withdrawing, children must wait to re-enroll in classes until the following semester begins.

Please note that currently enrolled families receive priority registration over students who withdraw from a semester early.

How Much Does the 4-Week Session Cost for ages 2-3?

One Time Fee:

The 4-Week Parent/Child Session is $80.

Performing/Costume Info:

If you would like your child to perform with Rince Nua in March for our end of Semester show, then he/she would need to pay $24 to cover the cost of the dress rehearsal and the performance. (Parents and guests who want to attend the performance will need to purchase tickets).

For children who plan to perform, they will need to purchase the starter costume (approx. $75) with black ballet shoes (girls) or black jazz shoes (boys).

Have a Specific Question Before You Register?

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