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About Us

Celebrating five years of dancing in 2017!

Founded by Erin Cooney ODCRN in 2012, Rince Nua (pronounced Rin-kah New-ah), means “New Dance”.

Erin received her Irish dance teacher diploma (ODCRN) in 2009 through Cumann Rince Naisiunta (CRN) in Dublin, Ireland.

Rince Nua is one of three Irish dance schools in the USA to be fully-certified under CRN, and the only CRN school in Minnesota.

Rince Nua’s curriculum has proven to create technically strong solo dancers and team dancers, as well as top-class performers. Rince Nua has received multiple awards in solo and team dancing at the Regional, National, and World level.

Rince Nua enriches the lives of its students through the journey of learning and sharing Irish dance. Dancers begin as young as 3 years old, learning the basics of rhythm and learning how to count and move to fun Irish music.

Rince Nua strives to build a dance community in which we can all be a positive influence on one another. We have a family-friendly studio with modest costuming, and we offer a supportive and encouraging environment for our students.

Students are taught by highly-skilled and accomplished Irish dancers who have a passion to help students achieve their personal Irish dance goals.

Through structured and fun classes, as well as community performances, and studio events, we encourage dancers to continually learn and improve while becoming friends, and sharing their gifts and talents with others.